Fill out the form below to get enroll your child to Summer Creative Art Camps 2022. Please read below enrollment requirements before filling the form.

Enrollment Requirements for In Person Summer Camp Registration:

1. All family members including student must be in good health condition from past 5-6 months
2. Kid should wear well fitted mask in the classroom
3. We are not taking Covid affected family at the moment. Before enrollment parent has to confirm all family, members are in good health condition and not exposed with Covid from past 6 months.
4. Any minor cold/cough symptoms of a student must be informed very responsible manner by parent, and we will find solution together instead bringing to the classroom. If we find any unhealthy symptoms in the classroom, we will send the student immediately back and cancel remaining classes. No refund will be provided.
5. Our intention is to provide safe environment where kids can have tons of fun this summer.
We would appreciate parent's cooperation to provide safe and secure environment and its mutual cooperation.

Refund Policy for Summer Camps Onsite:
1. Cancellation through email before 12 days of registered camp date will be provided full refund
2. Cancellation through email before 7 days of registered camp date 75% refund of total amount paid
3. Cancellation through email before 3 days of registered camp date 50% refund of total amount paid
4. No cancellation will be accepted after camp starts and hence no refund will be provided.

Please provide info below and we will send separate invoice to pay online to get registered your kid for summer creative art camps 2022! If planning to enroll 2 or more camps, discount will apply in your invoice within validation period! Registration will be confirmed once payment is cleared.

Fill Summer Camp Registration Form: